First Move Gives Kids An Advantage.

Chess requires you to think hard, analyze, plan and execute. Problem solving and learning are part of a game. First Move has success built into the lessons; kids learn they can take on something challenging and be successful. Chess also has smart “brand association,” kids who play chess believe they are smart.

Being in the classroom means all kids receive the benefit of becoming a better thinker and the cross-curricular ties First Move delivers. The concepts may be math, science, or reading based, but the kids call it all chess and they love it!


Effective Curriculum

First Move is a two year curriculum taught in 2nd and 3rd grade classrooms. Each 50 minute lesson is taught once a week during classroom time, allowing ALL students to benefit from the skills learned. Both Year One and Year Two of the program are comprised of 32 lessons that teach students to analyze, plan and execute on the chess board and in life.

Easy Implementation

You can be successful with First Move! Absolutely no chess knowledge is required. “The Chess Lady” teaches lessons via streaming video and the classroom teacher facilitates the reinforcing student activities. The Sample Video features a segment of the 2nd lesson in the curriculum.

Meeting Standards

The First Move chess curriculum is designed to be used during the school day as a supplemental curriculum in 2nd and 3rd grade. The program meets the Common Core Standards and is aligned with state teaching requirements for 2nd and 3rd grade, making this a valuable use of classroom time. Math, reading, writing, history and S.T.E.M are taught via First Move, using chess as the teaching tool for the cross curricular subjects.

Kids Love First Move


First Move teachers are the cornerstone of the program, and are not required to know how to play chess to facilitate First Move. We provide training and mentoring to ensure teachers can easily implement the program. All the chess materials required for program success are included in the implementation.

“The Chess Lady” teaches the lessons via our streaming video. The teacher facilitates the reinforcing classroom activities and has fun learning along with the kids and seeing them engaged. Each lesson is taught in manageable segments with activities to help reinforce the concepts.