Guide for Students

To Register

Please ask your teacher for your username and password.

To Log in

Please fill out the form.

To Play Chess

Click the ‘play chess’ button.

To play chess with the computer

To play chess with another player

Click Player vs. Player and game will start immediately if an opponent is ready. If no opponent is ready, it will count down for 15 seconds to wait for an opponent, and then give you the option of playing the computer or still waiting.

To practice Checkmate Challenges

Choose this option to practice fun and important ways to finish a chess game!

Puzzle will turn green when you have completed the puzzle!

To practice the Pawn Game

Have fun playing the pawn game – note that the computer randomly selects which color you will play!

Also note that you can choose from several levels of difficulty.

More options are available – feel free to check out the possibilities and have fun!